Network Analyzers

Offering a wide range of RF and microwave Network Analyzers, here at Interlligent UK we are pleased to offer a selection of Network Analyzers available for rental, rent to purchase or to purchase out right. Our range of RF Network Analyzers is huge, and includes a selection of Vector Network Analyzers and Handheld Network Analyzers.

Simply select the best configuration for your test needs from a variety of test set options: starting from 1.5 GHz, 2 or 4 Port options, transmission reflection or s-parameter test sets. Whether you are looking for a general purpose or high performance RF or microwave Network Analyzer for use in wireless communications, medical, automative or more advanced testing of components, amplifiers and frequency converters, Interlligent UK has the correct Network Analyzers for you.

Our range of RF & Microwave Network Analyzers are split in to 2 categories, Network Analyzers up to 20 GHz and Network Analyzers above 20 GHz. Take a browse through our list of microwave and RF Network Analyzers today, or if you are looking for advice on which Network Analyzer will best suit your test and measurement challenges, then please contact us.

We also supply a wide range of Network Analyzer accessories together with our range of microwave and RF Network Analyzers.  If your test setup requires calibration kits, probes or cables we can assist with rental, rent to purchase or purchase options!  

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our range of RF and microwave Network Analyzers, or to enquire about whether a rental, rent to purchase or outright purchase of used Network Analyzers will be best for your requirements, then please get in touch! You can get in touch by using our Contact Form, by emailing us at:, or alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss our range of RF and microwave Vector Network Analyzers, or Handheld Network Analyzers over the phone, then please do so on: +44 (0)3308 280057, and a member of the team will be happy to help. Discover more about our range of RF and Microwave Analyzers today…