N524xA/B 8.5; 13.5; 26.5; 43.5; 50 or 67 GHz PNA-X Microwave Network Analyzer


  • 900 Hz/10 MHz to 8.5/13.5/26.5/43.5/50 or 67  GHz
  • 2- or 4-ports
  • Dynamic Range: 129 dB
  • Harmonics:-60 dBc


Hardware Options
·       N524xA/B-201 2-Port, Configurable Test Set
·       N524xA/B-217 2-port, configurable test set, source attenuators, receiver attenuators
·       N524xA/B-219 2-port, configurable test set, source attenuators, receiver attenuators, bias tees
·      N524xA/B-401 4-port, configurable test set, with second source
·      N524xA/B-417 4-port, configurable test set, second source, source attenuators, receiver attenuators
·      N524xA/B-419 4-port, configurable test set, second source, source attenuators, receiver attenuators, bias tees
Additional Hardware Capability
·       N524xA/B-020 Add IF Inputs
·      N524xA/B-021 Add pulse modulator to internal 1st source
·      N524xA/B-022 Add pulse modulator to internal 2nd source
·      N524xA/B-025 Add noise receiver to 13.5 GHz
Software Options
·       N524xA-007 / S93007B Automatic Fixture Removal
·      N524xA-010 / S93010B Time Domain
·      S93011B Enhanced Time Domain Analysis with TDR
·      N524xA-015 / S93015B Real-time S-Parameter and Power Measurement Uncertainty
·      S93025B Basic Pulsed-RF Measurements
·      S93026B Advanced Pulsed-RF Measurements
·      S93027B Mechanical Noise Tuner Control
·      N524xA-029 /    S93029B Noise Figure Measurements with Vector Correction
·       S930700B Modulation Distortion up to 8.5 GHz
·       S930701B Modulation Distortion up to 13.5 GHz
·       S930702B Modulation Distortion up to 26.5 GHz
·       S930704B Modulation Distortion up to 43.5 GHz
·       S930705B  Modulation Distortion up to 50 GHz
·       S930707B Modulation Distortion up to 67 GHz
·       N524xA-080 / S93080B Frequency Offset
·       N524xA-082 / S93082B Scalar Mixer / Converter Measurements
·      N524xA-083 / S93083B Vector and Scalar Mixer/Converter Measurements
·      N524xA-084 / S93084B Embedded LO Measurement
·      N524xA-086 / S93086B Gain Compression Measurements
·      N524xA-087 / S93087B Intermodulation Distortion Measurements
·       N524xA-088 / S93088B Source Phase Control
·       N524xA-089 / S93089B
·       N524xA-090 / ·       S930900B Spectrum Analysis, up to 8.5 GHz
·       S930901B Spectrum Analysis, up to 13.5 GHz
·       S930902B Spectrum Analysis, up to 26.5 GHz
·       S930909B Spectrum Analysis, up to 90 GHz
·       N524xA-093 / S93093B Spectrum Analysis, up to 110 GHz
·       N524xA-094 / S93094B Spectrum Analysis, beyond 110 GHz
·       N524xA-110 / S93110B Active Hot Parameters
·       S93118B Fast CW Measurements
·       N524xA-460 / S93460B True-Mode Stimulus
·       S93551B Network Analyzer N-Port Calibrated Measurements
·       S93898B
·       N524xA-510 / S94510B Nonlinear component characterization
·       S94511B Nonlinear component characterization, restricted to 50 GHz
·       N524xA-514 / S94514B Nonlinear X-Parameters
·       N524xA-518 / S94518B Nonlinear Pulse Envelope Domain
·       N524xA-520 / S94520B Arbitrary load impedance X-parameters
·       S94521B Arbitrary Load-Control X-Parameters
·       S94522A Arbitrary Load-Control Device Characterization

Here at Interlligent UK we are pleased to offer Keysight’s N524xA/B series PNA-X Network Analyzer.

The N524xA/B series is the most advanced flexible Vector Network Analyzer providing an integrated, flexible single test engine.  Dual source and a variety of optional measurement applications allows for complete linear and non linear device characterisation.

The PNA-X N524xA/B Network Analyzer is available up to 67 GHz (1.5 THz with frequency extenders), 2 or 4 ports; and optional measurement applications such as time domain analysis; frequency offset; vector and scalar mixture measurement offset and many more …

Find out more information about the PNA-X series N524xA/B Network Analyzers by using our contact form, by emailing us at:  info@interlligent.co.uk, or by calling us on: 03308 280057. We would be more than happy to answer any queries or questions you may have about the Keysight N524xA/B range of Vector Network Analyzers.


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